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Yvonne B.

Heber City, UT

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First, let me start off by confessing that I am a HUGE skeptic! Second, I live on a daily basis ( 24/7) with chronic pain.  2 back surgeries, chronic issues with herniated and or bulging disc, stenosis of the spine, headaches,etc..( just to name a few..) I have learned to just 'deal' with these issues. So when I arrived to my appointment with Justin L. I honestly hoped for 'minor' relief from my neck and back pain but not for much more than that. Well, I am here to say openly and with all honesty that I was COMPLETELY blown away with the results of my 1 hr. therapeutic session with Justin!!  Seriously!! ...when I stood up from the table and started walking, I, for the first time in a VERY LONG time could walk without that old familiar pinch of pain in my lower back...and I began to cry! I know!! Impossible right??? ...but oh so true!!  Now for the first time in so long this self-professed skeptic is a hopeful believer! Thank you Justin!!!

Lesliann D.

Salt Lake City, UT

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Justin was very knowledgeable and helpful in relieving my pain. He used techniques that allowed me to be pain free without medications. He was also able to help me when other massage therapist couldn't. I had a headache for three days and got rid of it in a few minutes. I will definitely be back again!

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I am writing a review from my sons account because I do not participate in social media or have an account. My experience at Massage Now exceeded my expectations.
I have been in Naval Special Forces for over 19 years. We have a handful of PTs to handle every bump and bruise, but Justin's technique, not only eliminated pain, but increased range of motion and increased strength within a short session. He briefed you on what he was going to do, explained what he was doing, then did it. He provided results that he told you he would give. That is very very rare.
I recommend Massage Now if you want results! The stretching and massage techniques work. The results are everything. You don't need to be in /or/ live with pain.

VR/ Jake Woroniecki

I visited Heber during spring break. After 2 days of skiing and a day of fly fishing I was in need of a massage. What I didn't expect was to be able to increase my range of motion in my neck in hips on top of a great massage. Justin is an expert at relieving pain. The only bad thing is that he won't be available to me when I go home to Texas!

Justin did an AMAZING job. I love massages and I commonly have knots all through my back, mostly shoulder blade area. I asked him to get rid of my pain and knots. He used a technique I've never had done before and with in 30 min my pain and knots were gone!!! I live in Spanish Fork and was in Heber for my anniversary and I will be going back just to have him give his massage. Thank You!!
Kristin Singh

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