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Applied Resistance Stretching

In 2006, Justin was working with members of an olympic ski team and one of them had recently had her 2nd acl repair. After using traditional massage methods, Justin tried using a form of stretching called pnf to help increase the range of motion. while performing the technique, he tried adding some extra steps to the maneuvers and instantly the pain was gone and her range of motion literally doubled. After that he began to experiment with his new found method and he has been perfecting it ever since and is always finding new ways and methods to apply his technique to.


Justin has developed this into a continuing education class which he teaches to other therapists across the country. 

He has begun conducting testing using medical equipment to further his research. doctors have watched him perform his methods and have been amazed at what he is able to accomplish.  One goal of his is to have this therapy become world wide with therapists in every country. Because, he believes and knows the results and how instant and long lasting, and life changing (for the client this can be)

Commonly asked questions​
  • What is ARS therapy?

ARS is a method of stretching that involves resistance by the therapist. It can be performed on all joints and muscles in the body except the ankle.

  • How can ARS help me?

ARS will greatly improve the range of motion in the joints instantly. It will allow you the freedom from pain caused by a limited range of motion.

 Instant relief from pain in the muscles and joints is typical. Pain should stay away anywhere from 24 hours to possibly never coming back! 

 Justin has been able to develop these techniques is a result of working with several different Olympic winter sports teams from many different countries. Including the Australian Women’s Aerial Ski team, the Australian Men’s Mogul team, The USA Freestyle Ski Team (Mogul and Air), The USA Bobsled and Skeleton and Luge teams, The USA Downhill Ski Team, the USA Ice Skating Team, Several different professional athletes from NFL, PGA, MLB and NBA.